Llassos - Set of 20 + findings (Llamallooma not included)

  • $5.50

Do you struggle with tying your pompoms tight enough? Lasso those pompoms with my new Llamallooma Llassos! They're fast, fun and easy to use!

Each set comes with:

• 20 Llassos: 10 clear and 10 in a rainbow of colors. 

• 10 Jump Rings

• 10 Lanyard Clips

• 1 Key Ring

How it works: Start making a pompom with your Llamallooma as you normally would without the yarn tie. After you wrap your yarn into a bundle, the Llamallooma Llasso helps you cinch it up super tight and locks it into place. You can add a ring and a clip onto your Llasso (or not!) to easily make a charm, zipper pull, necklace, key chain, and more!

Watch my how-to video here: https://youtu.be/3qBcvs1xC14


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